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Know Your Voice, Choose Your Battles - Maintaining Brand Authenticity in Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Brands are now integrated into all aspects of society, and consumers expect brands to take a stand on issues. Yet, in a world full of social media fads and bandwagon philanthropy, how can brands maintain authenticity, especially when partnering with influencers?

Influencer Archetypes - Determine the Best Influencer Partner for Your Brand

From Kim Kardashian to my cats, everyone is an influencer, but how do you determine the right influencer partners for your brand? Start by defining your campaign goals – are you looking for awareness, affinity, actions? Do you need to build trust or convey difficult messaging? Determine which type of influencer you need before you start looking at individual names and this will keep you focused on your campaign goals and guide your selection process.

Six Tricks For Working Productively From Home

When you skip the commute and can stay in your pajamas, you should find yourself with far more hours in the day. So why isn’t this the case for most people when they work from home? Because their productivity drops. They end the day unsettled, having spent their hours blended - neither productive with work, nor relaxing from it.